Our Best Services

I. Consultancy Services – CRZ

Coastal zone Regulation notification under Environmental Protection act 1986 regulars’ construction and establishment of various developmental projects along the coast of Various States in India. We provide technical and expert guidance to support the clients who are planning development activities within the designated CRZ areas. The services include preliminary site suitability assessment, CRZ status report preparation, clearance from District, State and Central regulatory authorities. This will help clients to ease the complex regulatory framework, ensuring compliance with regulations.

II. GIS services

  • Vectorisation
  • Data base creation
  • Data processing, Analysis and modeling
  • Lidar data processing and 3D mapping

The services also include a wide range of applications such as site suitability analysis, morphometric analysis and watershed management, coastal process and shoreline management, land use land cover change studies, and network analysis. We offer tailored solutions to clients based on their specific needs and work closely with them to provide expert guidance and support throughout the project. Our team of experienced professionals leverages the latest GIS tools and techniques to provide end-to-end geospatial solutions, including data acquisition, analysis, and visualization.

Hydrographic survey

Delmare marine services pvt. Ltd. conducts IHO-compliant hydrographic surveys to collect seabed data required for navigation, engineering and design to enhance coastal protection design and development. The services include hydrographic data processing and deliverables.

Geophysical surveys

Delmare marine services pvt. Ltd. carries out geophysical surveys to collect detailed geophysical data required by design marine engineers and scientists. The services include geophysical data processing and deliverables.

Marine numerical modelling solutions

  • Delmare marine services provides a broad range of creative solutions utilizing a variety of cutting-edge marine numerical modeling approaches.
  • In addition to hydrodynamics, wave dynamics, sediment transport, plume dispersion, thermal dispersion, oil spill, port stability, morph dynamics, storm surge, flood inundation, water quality and coastal zone management plans, Delmare marine services provides consultation services.
  • Study of the dispersion characteristics of brine effluent from desalination plants.

Risk assessment

We advise our clients on how to manage the risks associated with maritime operations.

Environmental impact assessment

Our environmental impact assessments ensure that businesses and organizations comply with environmental regulations.

Delmare coastal lab

  • Delmare provide solutions for all kind of coastal environmental problem
  • Delmare provides services on coastal process study including sediment transport study

Marine data solution

  • Delmare provide all kinds of marine data acquisitions and processing and solutions
  • Delmare provide services on oceanographic, hydrological, and geological equipment deployments